I am here to explain what my blog will be about.

The historical introduction in my blog introduces me, and for our purpose it is sufficient to say that I possess a B.S. Degree in Law Enforcement and a J.D. Degree in Law. I successfully passed the bar and I have taught law, law enforcement, drafted legal motions, appeals and other related programs or documents up until today.

I retired from the United States Department of Justice, Overseas Prosecutorial, Development, Assistance and Training(OPDAT) for over twenty years using my acquired law enforcement and legal knowledge to set up and develop expertise throughout the world. Although I never enlisted in the military, I spent sixteen months in Iraq assisting the commander, by virtue of my civil service rank, of a law and order task force (LAOTF). I later used my prior law enforcement and prosecutorial experience in South Sudan to train their investigators how to ferret out and prosecute corrupt politicians or individuals seeking to profit financially through their own illegal activities at the expense of the government of South Sudan.. Likewise. I used my prior undercover and legal experience as “Regional Legal Advisor” to the Caribbean by training police and prosecutors how to minimize gang violence in their areas. We significantly reduced homicides and related gang activity in these locations.

I spent the thirteen years after college graduation and prior to law school, like most from poor families, by paying off college loans through working in law enforcement at an agreed percentage per year of work. Unfortunately, the space allowed by Instagram was not sufficient for me to include setting up undercover narcotic programs for the Illinois Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division and LinkedIn accidentally destroyed my link that reflected around 3,500 people who joined my site that described my nearly eight years with the Illinois Department of Public Aid, Major Medical Fraud Unit where I initiated several national cases including one against the largest abortion provider in America who billed heavily through Public Aid.

I was fortunate to have passed the Chicago Police examination soon after graduating college and they soon offered me an opportunity to rejoin law enforcement and to attend law school, at a tremendously discounted price. After graduating law school and passing the bar I quickly rose thru the ranks to become a First Chair or lead prosecutor. At the time the Cook County States Attorneys Office had approximately 75 lead prosecutors out of around 8000 ASAs and only 2-5 First Chairs were Black like myself.

Throughout such activities I now know that I need your help to focus my stories and answers to bite size questions. Please join and help me to grow as a writer, sharpen my focus and share my experiences as a blogger.

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